Yummy! Better than Drive Through!!!

It all starts with a yummy HOME MADE English Muffin, then the rest is cake… ok not real cake… but something even better and better for you then a quick trip through the drive through… and because you can make them ahead of time the size that you like, you can have more control over the:

1. Portion


3. Gluten! (Don’t knead them so much!)

So here we go with a basic recipe for plain ole’ English Muffins:

1st – Proof your yeast in 1 Cup of warm water (2 1/4 T yeast or 1 packet) Yeast Proofing

On the stove, cook on medium heat:

1C milk (whatever kind you like… LOW FAT would be fab right about now … Just say’n – But NOOOOOO Skim!!!)

3 T Butter (gotta use butter- flavor… you know)

3T (sugar or honey- your choice… I used Honey)

Warm until the butter is melted

then add this to your stand mixer that is filled with:

3 C Flour

1t Salt

Mix together then slowly add 2 more cups of flour until it pulls away from the bowl but stretchy.

Let it sit – 5 minutes

Roll out and cut out (I don’t have a cutter that large, so I used an “egg” ring, you can use a large glass, whatever works. 20150212_105041

Once these are rolled out, place them – EVER so gently on a baking sheet dusted with corn meal – don’t let them touch, they will rise. (Out of these ashes ri-hise… If you don’t know the song, press the link and listen while you read… Trust me!!!!)

Cover with dry towel for 1 hour and sing… dance… work out… if your married… well, need I say more…?

Heat up your skillet, griddle…. flat thing that you are using, to about 350 degrees;  I used an electric griddle (which was fabulous!)

GENTLY lift each muffin off of it’s cookie sheet and place on griddle, brown on both sides (about 5 minutes or less- depending on how you cut them and how thick they are)

10968196_435211833295416_7882894641095159958_nYou can also pop them in a low heated oven to finish cooking on the inside if you got them a little thick…

Split them open with a fork and enjoy!!!

So… to see how to make this a great meal… click here