David Ashley




  • Luther Rice Seminary, Lithonia, GA
  • M.A., Apologetics                               Magna Cum Laude
  • MDiv                                                   December, 2016
  • B.S., Sports Management                  Magna Cum Laude

  • Fitness by Design Personal Training Studio   Owner/Operator
  • Pastor of Pump Radio Show                           Host @ Friday 2pm
  • Cross Strength Ministries                                Speaker/Evangelist

KNIX Radio          Corporate Health and Wellness Director  1986 – 1996

  • Develop healthy options and opportunities for employees of KNIX
  • Design personal and individual programs for optimal health
  • Encourage by way of creative marketing, programs that would encourage employees to invest in their health.
  • Weekly On-Air personality: Arizona’s “Gym Guru”

    Cross Strength Ministries, LLC     Faith & Fitness Ministries       1996- Present

  • Founder: Cross Strength Ministries, LLC
  • The “business side” of our faith and fitness ministries
  • “Owner” of Fitness by Design, the Pastor of Pump and our other ministries

Fitness By Design Personal Training Studio

  • Thirty Year Business that I have built from scratch
  • Creator: Dave Ashley’s Metabolic Intensity Training Program
  • Featured on E!News, CBS and NBC, and ABC as the “Personal Trainer to the Stars”
  • Featured weekly on the radio as the “Gym Guru”

The “Pastor of Pump” Radio Show

  • Founder/Creator/Content Developer and Host of “The Pastor of Pump” faith and fitness radio show heard weekly on the Star Worldwide Radio Network ( 4.2 million listeners world-wide).
  • Evangelist/Speaker/Teacher

Ministry Experience

  • Men Coaching Men    Men’s Ministry (400+) Teacher/Leader
  • Various Men’s Ministries (from rescue missions to Men’s Ministries) Preacher
  • Various Christian Schools, Ministries and organizations Evangelist

Spiritual Gifts

  • Evangelism – To present the Gospel of Christ by way of proper exegesis of Scripture
  • Discipleship: Facilitating intriguing programs and opportunities to train others to be disciple makers.
  • Marketing: Outline and amplify strategic marketing plans to achieve optimal growth.
  • Research, develop and implement effective and strategic programming, curriculum, and plans to meet a successful goals.
  • Hiring and retaining qualified employees
  • Serving others by helping to identify, foster and strengthen them in their spiritual gifts
  • Effective, influential and wise communication skills
  • Proficient, proven track record
  • Successful self-starter

Other Awards/Achievements

  • Biblical Counseling Training Center Certified Counselor
  • National Coalition of Men’s Ministries Member
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine 20+ year Member
  • Amazing & Supportive Proverbs 31 Wife AHAVA
Featured in Luther Rice's Alumni Newsletter; September 2015
Featured in Luther Rice’s Alumni Newsletter; September 2015