I am a hater.

I am a Hater.

Holly T. Ashley

I am a Hater.

I hate it so much I can’t sleep at night.

Why that always seems to come so late at night… I don’t know, but I hate that too.

I hate it that I can’t get it off of my mind, even though I am so grateful that it bothers me so much.

child and a snakeI wake up thinking about the legacy of this generation. What we have done… and

I hate what we have not done.

I hate that we have not taken a stand … for anything Biblical.

I hate that churches have to have committee meetings to do anything biblical.

I hate that Christians don’t vote.

I hate that we have very little real men in our country.

I hate that being feminine is dead.

I hate that women try so desperately to be men, instead of supporting their men in their God-given role.

I hate that…

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