Breakfast of Champions

Okay… so, I used to be a really Great wife… now I’m just a really good wife…

I used to get up with Mr. Pastor of Pump each morning at 4 or 5 am and make him a yummy, hot breakfast… but now I just don’t…. But I make sure he still gets his breakfast each morning and that it is homemade… I do not buy the store-bought processed crap that has been so preserved that it is just a block of salt, I just have taken some short cuts.

20150212_152133And now I’m going to share them with you.

My little secret…

I make breakfasts for a week at a time!!!!
Then I turn off my alarm clock.

You’re welcome.

So here we go:

Take your homemade English muffins from the other page that you made…. 1908323_435211849962081_617089625553245199_n

I’ll give you a minute.

Ok. Cut them in half, slice some cheese, get out the bacon and a couple of baking sheets and follow me into the kitchen…

Turn your oven on – 350 will work.

20150212_155021Take a pound of bacon (I hate turkey bacon, so I use the “real” stuff!… but whatever you want to use)
lay it out on a baking sheet

Then take a dozen eggs
Crack them (one at a time) into a GREASED/sprayed with oil Muffin Tin (I know…. I know… Pinterest rocks!)

20150212_15243620150212_153434Put both pans in the oven. Set the timer for 12 minutes

Prepare your muffins for the broiler: Cut them, add cheese, place on baking sheet… wait for timer to go off.

Once your eggs are done, take them out and put them on a cooling rack (in the pan)

Turn your oven up to broil (the bacon should be on the bottom rack… did I say that? I am drinking a glass of wine right now… so..? Anyway, move your bacon to the bottom rack, then put your muffins w/cheese on the rack closest to the broiler and watch closely- they really don’t need to do anything but melt the cheese a little.

Take them out when done, turn your oven back down to about 400 and let your bacon finish.

It won’t take long for your bacon now… so start to assemble your muffin/eggs

Place eggs on muffins.20150212_155555

Get out the plastic wrap.

Take your bacon out of the oven, transfer to a paper towel and pat the grease off (I save my grease that is on the baking sheet – I use bacon grease… I’m from the south, what can I say)

Put bacon on muffins, wrap up, put portions into a baggy, pour a glass of wine, put the baggies in the fridge… you’re work is done

Send me a little “thanks” on Face book. that’ll be fine.

20150212_160121You are a fabulous wife! AND Mother!

Drink a toast to you!

On to dinner….




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