images (4)Click on any link to listen to the topic of your choice: If there is no “Topic” then the show has not been edited… Or Holly got lazy… 🙂
The shows are in order from the most recent to our show’s debut with the Mayor Himself, Radio Hall of Fame Host- Mr. Dave Pratt.
You can always visit the landing page at: The Pastor Of Pump on Star Worldwide Network Don’t forget to cruise around and check out other shows while your there!


US Congressman, Trent Franks #42

Firefighters for Christ #41

Jews for Jesus #40

Dr. Frank Turek – “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” #39

God’s Redemptive Grace #38

Stairway to Heaven – Creation found in the rocks of the Grand Canyon #37

Let Freedom Ring #36

Happy Fathers Day #35

You Formed my Inward Parts – Transgender #34

Biblical Manhood #33

PTSD Training – Giving healthy back to our Military Men and Women#32

Politically healthy #31

images (4)Cut to the Heart – Mothers Day 30

Spiritual Maturity or Death – Your choice 29

Women are you worthy of RESPECT? 28

Go Heavy or Go Home 27

Special Guest Host Diane Paisley 26

Good Friday 25

 Adopt A Love Story – Financing Adoption 24

hijacked by Man Up and Lead – Special guest: Richard Cunningham and Chris Radoccia 23

The Ashley’s in Nashville: David with Heather Byrd on the “Honky-Tonk Hot Mess” in Nashville, TN   

Night life Christian Adoption 22

Hope Women’s Center 21

Save The Storks 20

Don’t Exasperate Your Children: Jordyn Ashley Rumsey and Ryan McCarthy 19

Strong Love18

Are you a Christian Ninja or a Warrior for Christ? 17

What’s the Church got to do with the homeless? 16

Arizona Super Week 15

Spiritual Nutrition – Righteous Nutrition for a Righteous “Body” of Christ. 14

Man UP and Lead – Guest’s Chris Radoccia and Richard Cunningham 13

Resolutions Suck 12

Anxiety and Fear 11

Where are you Christmas? #10

Heart Disease – Nourishing the Heart #9

Heart Disease – Pure Heart #8

Heart Disease – Part 1 #7

Financial Fitness #6

Reformation Day #5

“They will rise up and call you Blessed – Cancer Sucks (A Tribute to Dave’s Mom, Cece) #4

Rescue Me #3

Submission #2

 Debut show w/Dave Pratt (Show #1)




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