David Ashley the Pastor of Pump
Cardio isn’t the only way to a healthy heart

“True Strength is Found at the Foot of the Cross” (Dave Ashley)

As a fitness professional for over 30 years turned evangelist David Ashley, aka: The Pastor of Pump, knows the hard work and discipline that both Christ and his 21 inch biceps require: All in discipline, determination, dedication, commitment, and consistency.

“So I do not run aimlessly, I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control” (1Cor. 9:26a).

David Ashley works to inspire and encourage others to find “true strength at the foot of the Cross” and use that strength to run the race of life to WIN THE PRIZE.” (1Co 9:24).

In addition to his numerous degrees and certifications in the health and fitness industry, David holds a Master’s degree in Apologetics and a Masters of Divinity.

David Ashley
The Pastor of Pump, David Ashley

David’s 21″ biceps are a platform that is used to help athletes, men, and youth to understand that our bodies are mere instruments and will vanish as dust is to dust.

The true strength of a man, of a leader, is one who trains the heart and the mind in the Word of God. Every man, young and old, are called to be a leader.

Every man leads his family, leads his community and leads his church in one aspect or another – even straight to hell.

Today’s man needs to realize Biblical Manhood and what that looks like – on the inside – so it is manifested in the outside.

“For man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart” (2 Sam. 16:7).

A man, a leader must do what is right because it is right. To bring God all glory and honor in everything that is done.

Today men face a tremendous uphill battle. But it is YOUR battle and God commands us to be warriors for Christ. Yet, some have lost their will, their dedication, determination, their commitment and most of all, their discipline and therefore their strength.


Today’s man is striving to fulfill the role that God has intended, but is constantly defeated, emasculated and weary, and have given way to the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. (1 John 2:16).

Women are being enticed by little boys who can shave, calling themselves “men” but who disrespect God’s gift by way of neglect, abuse, sexual exploitation and sexual immorality, leaving their “baby-mamas” to raise up more boys who are left to find their way into “manhood” with only the help of the internet and “street-smart” friends to guide and direct.

Faced with undisciplined, unguided, misdirected thoughts and behaviors that follow, the youth of this generation have yet to see or hear what it means to be a real man, let alone a warrior for Christ – and they need to see it… they must here it from real men who have real strength and that is true strength that is found not on the streets, not in corporate America, not in how many women you have “had”, not in a gigantic bicep… But the strength of THE MAN, the epitome of strength… and that strength is found only at the foot of the cross.

Mega churches preaching prosperity and happiness, as well as main-stream Pastors refusing to address sin from the pulpit, has left our communities confused and tolerant. Often being distant, not knowing the condition of their flock and twisting scripture to keep their church full of “happy” people and collection plates. 522994_10150955114498875_2129546983_n

Living life in this world as the man that God has called you to be takes the same amount of discipline necessary to get healthy as does your body. Once one becomes tolerant to his (sinful) condition, “fat” increases followed by complacency and muscles that keep you strong decrease and the reality of atrophy sets in – inhibiting your usefulness in life… and in the Kingdom.

David knows the hard work and discipline that both Christ and his 21” biceps require: commitment, determination, hard work, pain, recovery, and perseverance.

But it requires more than a mere gym (church) membership and the appearance of health…  You must be ALL IN.

As a former football player and 30-year person trainer, he understands the identity crisis of one who gets caught up in the pride of life. David is dedicated to resolving the identity crisis of men of all ages.

10178029_10152465548998875_4821051394336302689_nDavid Ashley holds a Masters Degree in Apologetics as well as a Masters of Divinity.

Mrs. Pump, Holly T. Ashley is a published author and speaker, as you have captured my heartwell as a certified family counselor specializing in family violence, sexual abuse, and neglect. Holly owns R3 (Redemption. Restoration. Recovery.) A Christ-centered domestic violence service provider and training program. Holly’s web pages are: www.Redemption3.com and www.HollyTAshley.com 



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