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Fat Christians | Connect Movement

Get up and go! We can do it together! Let’s start making disciples. Let’s stop being fat Christians. I would love to help you get in gear and be on the mission of making disciples together. Rest, eat, exercise and repeat will make you spiritually fit!

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HELP US GET ONE OF THESE ON THE GROUND! 119d914bdf0a5f5175e24bf30150a2ea - Copy

We know a lot of youth groups are looking for summer projects. Let the raising money to get these buses on the ground be one of them. Then join with us as we minister to these women! What a fantastic opportunity to make you light shine!

Donate here: https://www.savethestorks.com/fundraiser/arizona-stork-bus?_m=52986

How well do you fail?

How well do you fail? Tony Dungee

A successful career in the NFL would seem to be a dream come true. Money, notoriety, and accolades. Tony Dungy was living that dream, coaching the perennially losing Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a regular spot in the playoffs. It seemed that everything was working out as planned, until he was fired for not winning the championship. Just what was he going to do now?

Eventually repeating the same success as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Dungy still battled against doubters in his abilities. Could a Super Bowl victory be the only place of redemption? Or was there another, better way, to understand the big picture of his life? (Iamsecond.com)